Please read the following before contacting me.

​​For Parents of young children:

Building the skills and talents necessary to play a musical instrument requires a time commitment for both parent and child. My studio expects 5 days of practice per week, starting with just a few minutes and building to ½ hour (and longer, as your child develops). Additionally, listening to recordings of the material being learned is essential for your child. This listening is passive (i.e. in the car, while doing chores, or playing).

​​​​Prior to the start of your lessons, we will discuss ways to make this practice time fun and engaging for your child, as well as considerate of their attention span, abilities, and personality.

If you are contacting me about lesson for your child​, please include in your email ​a tentative schedule of when you plan on practicing with your child for ½ hour, 5 days per week, as well as ​15 minutes per-day that your child will listen to the recordings (as background music during other activities). ​ I will reply with times you can come for either a Free Audition Session or Lesson Observation. ​

For Adult Students:

Please note that I only teach classical guitar. This is a very small subset of people who want to play guitar, and I get many requests from students looking for more conventional styles of guitar. If you are looking for classical guitar lessons, please ​explicitly say so in your email ​(if you don't know what classical guitar is, chances are it's not what you're looking for. To find out more, search youtube for "David Russell guitarist" for some excellent examples).

​​​ ​I will not respond to emails that don't mention classical guitar. ​​​