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mp3 Downloads of All Suzuki Guitar Recordings on iTunes and Amazon

I find it pretty difficult to find to find the Suzuki Guitar Recordings as MP3s on Amazon. Amazon’s search will turn up the hardcopies of the CDs and books pretty easily, but the MP3s are another story (I don’t personally use Apple products, however, I have included iTunes links here as well).

The Suzuki Association has a page buried somewhere on their website that announces the availability of digital downloads. It has a link on it for an “Amazon Store Front” that’s terrible to navigate. Try it if you dare.

From email exchanges I’ve seen exchanged between Suzuki Guitar teachers, it seems that they may also be tricky to find on iTunes (although that may have been a confusion over availability in iTunes for purchase vs. availability on Apple Music for streaming).

To save you, me, and anyone who finds this page the hassle of sorting all that, here they are in nice, easy-to-find format. I’ve bookmarked this page so it’s easy to find.



​(note: currently unavailable for customers in the United States as of Oct. 2019)

It should be noted that the MP3 albums are available for purchase but not for streaming.

    Kale Good