last year

Legnani’s 12th Caprice on US Letter Paper

Guitarists (and, indeed, all musicians) are blessed these days. They have a wealth of sheet music readily and freely accessible via IMSLP (137,000 works!) and Boije’s Collection (as well as a few other sources).

However, with this wealth comes two potential problems:

  • Sometimes the photocopies are of low quality
  • The size of the photo copy is always larger than the standard US Letter and A4 paper sizes; when they get printed out, they get shrunk down. This is especially problematic for older students.

To remedy this, I sometimes take some good ‘ole open sources software and make an “edition” that is meant for US Letter paper. Then I can print it out, all nice and large, on my home printer (without huge margins, artifacts of the photocopying process, any edges cut off; you get the idea). For this, I primarily use Frescobaldi, a frontend for Lilypond.

While I’ve done this a time or two before; this is the first time I’m making something available (’cause I don’t remember where I saved those old files, or if they were in a condition worthy of sharing)

So, here it is: Legnani’s 12th Caprice on US Letter Paper.

    Kale Good