Suzuki Early Childhood Classes

A System you Can Trust

Thanks for your interest in Early Childhood Classes! When your child takes my classes, here are small handful of the benefits you'll get:

Cognitive Development

  • Working Memory development
  • Your child will develop the ability to remember  information and use it.

  • Your child will develop Inhibitory control. For example:
    • Thinking before acting
    • restisting temptation
    • mastering thoughts and impulses

As your child grows, these skills will help them set goals and make plans. They'll be better prepared to adjust as necessary. As a result, they will be better prepared to  manage frustrations. With these skills, they'll accomplish far greater things. 

There's more to it than that!

  • Your child will also develop language and language skills more easily
  • Fine Motor Control will increase
  • Prepares your child for Suzuki Instrumental Lessons

Suzuki Early Childhood Music classes are the only Early Childhood Classes designed as the first step of instrumental lessons. After your child graduates from the Early Childhood classes, they'll be ready to take a smooth step into any one of the Suzuki Method instrumental programs in the Philadelphia area.