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More Fun. More Learning. More Music. 

Thanks for your interest in guitar lessons! Music lessons will enrich and develop your child's mind, heart, and body. Plus, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth that your child will experience as a result of music lessons will be almost immeasurable. And with Suzuki Guitar Lessons, you can trust that your child is working with an excellent teacher, right here in Philadelphia.

Image of 9 child guitar students and teacher posing at the end of the Spring Guitar Recital

Students after the winter 2016 rectial. The studio has grow quite a bit since then!

Music Lessons: A Huge Advantage For Your Child.

Improves Academic Performance

Whether it is improvements in math, linguistics, abstract-reasoning, ACT scores, or GPA, study after study confirms decades of anecdotal evidence: Music Lessons will make your child Smarter. 

Cultivates Social and Emotional Skills

Your child will learn how to collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate their effort with others in group classes. 

Increases Self-Esteem

Breaking through a "plateau" performance level will increase your child's confidence in their own ability to overcome obstacles and create beauty.

Expands Discipline and Patience

Your child will learn the value of committing to their goals as they are able to play harder and harder pieces. They'll gain motivation from seeing the progress of their fellow students.

Unlocks Self-Control

By participating in activities that reducing over-stimulation and require focus and attention, your child's self-regulation and self-control will grow.

Teaches Non-Verbal Communication

Your child will learn to give and pay attention to facial and musical non-verbal communication when playing music with other children.

Boosts Attention Span

As your child progresses through the repertoire, their attention span will be challenged and grow as they play longer and more complex pieces and participate in group music activities.

Suzuki Music Teachers: Dedicated to The Art of Teaching

When you take lessons with me, you are confident that your child is getting great guitar lessons. Your child will be learning from me, a Suzuki-trained teacher who provides the same quality instruction that Suzuki-trained teachers have been giving all around the world since the 1930s. And let's not forget my expertise on the instrument, my deep knowledge of music, and a career committed to teaching music. With degrees in both classical guitar performance and music theory as well as a decade-long career of teaching music, you can rest assured that your child is learning from an accomplished musician, devoted pedagogue, and committed professional who is backed by the worldwide community of Suzuki music teachers. 

Image of 11 Suzuki Guitar Teachers and 4 kids at the Alexandria Guitar Institute

I and 9 other guitar teachers participated in Andrea Cannon's 2016 Guitar Teacher Training Session in Alexandria, VA. As part of the course, we observed her giving lesson to a handful of students. 

Image of a 4 year old kid and teacher posing at the end of their guitar lesson.

This student asked for a picture before his family moved to away last fall. His parents have sent me a few videos of his progress and he's doing fantastic!

Image of student and teacher playing together during a guitar lesson. Student is an 8 yr old child.

Reviewing some repertoire with a student. Regular review is essential to progress!

Image of a 6 year old child performing guitar on-stage at a recital.

One of my students performing on stage at the annual fall GPSA recital. His right hand is so far up the neck of the guitar because he is using the musical effect called "tasto".

Kids posing together in a group photo after a guitar, flute, violin, and piano recital.

The post-recital picture at the fall GPSA recital. Guitar, violin, piano, and flute students all came together to put on a show! (faces blurred for privacy)

What Parents and Professionals Are Saying:

My favorite thing... is to see Kale meet our son where he is at each time

If you’re interested in learning guitar, we highly recommend Kale! …we loved it and made the commitment, and haven’t regretted it for a second.

I believe the most important thing is having a connection with a great teacher… Kale has an amazing ability to connect with students of any age, and it has been amazing for us to see our young son develop a respect for his teacher and an enjoyment of making progress through practice. His relationship with Kale is… a rich enhancement of his overall view of the world and himself.

My favorite thing about our lessons is to see Kale meet our son where he is at each time and then find a way to learn more about himself at the same time as learning more about music — quite a feat given that it can be hard to get a four-year-old to do much of anything if they’re not in the right mood.

James K. , Father and Professor

I believe the benefits of his teaching can be infinite

Kale clearly has a deep understanding of child psychology. He was able to get a very impulsive, easily distracted toddler to follow directions and have a great time doing it. He was kind, understanding, and very tolerant.

I believe the benefits of his teaching can be infinite. Counting can become fun, patience a virtue, and for others, like my son, who struggle with speech, this can give them another method of communication and a confidence of self that is priceless...

Dru H. , Mother

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

I've know Kale for over ten years and I've always appreciated his interest in deeply exploring many different guitar methods and teaching skills. I know that he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to his students, and doesn't get complacent, but is always learning and adapting his approach to fit a given student's needs. As a fellow music teacher, this is inspiring to see.

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Kale is good natured and has a great sense of humor... studying with him would never feel too "heavy" or too much like another thing you "have to do". He has also worked extensively with different age groups and knows a wide range of material. I think any student should feel confident that they have a qualified teacher.

Matthew Stein , Professional bassist (The Belleville Quartet, Sod House) , Suzuki bass teacher

No Guitar? No Problem. Guitar Rentals Available

Image of rental guitars shown side-by-side. Sizes range from small-child to full-sized adult guitars.

I have guitars in a variety of sizes so that your child can learn guitar on an instrument that fits their body

About Me

Image of Kale Good, Guitar Instructor

I have hitch-hiked from Colorado to Philly in 2 days, performed on a 14,000 ft. mountain at 2:00 am for a 24-hour mountain bike race, and sailed on a German tall-ship in the North Sea for a week directing young "campers" on basic sailing skills with my very poor German and complete lack of sailing knowledge. 

One of my main hobbies is chess; I also am enjoying planning and planting our first community garden plot with my wife.

To get back to the point: I've been teaching guitar to students ages 3-76 in the Philadelphia area since 2006. I have two bachelors degrees in Music from Temple University; one in Classical Guitar Performance, the other in Music Theory. At the 2010 Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic's annual conference, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting my research. Of course, my paper had a title so typical of humanities research papers: "The Consequences of Cadential Failure and Virtuosic Rhetoric in Liszt’s B-Minor Sonata".

After graduation, I continued my guitar studies with world-renowned lute and classical guitar teacher Patrick O'Brien and Rowan University Professor Kathleen Mayes.  Since 2014, I've studied the Suzuki Teaching Philosophy and Guitar Pedagogy with Wan-Tsai Chen, David Madsen, Andrea Cannon, and Bill Kossler. I am also a memeber of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Concert Ensemble. 

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What You'll Get When You Start Guitar Lessons:

  • Weekly Private Lessons
  • Your child will get individualized attention focused on overcoming their specific challenges
  • Weekly Group Classes
  • Playing music with other kids will motivate your child. Games and activities will teach them universal concepts
  • At-Home Practice Strategies
  • I'll give you tips and tricks to help you find the at-home practice plan that fits your family best.
  • Access to the Local and International Suzuki Community
  • Your child will be eligible to participate in the Suzuki Association's local, national, and international recitals, festivals, and summer camps.
  • A great Teacher!
  • If I could just toot my own horn here for a minute: I love what I do and am always trying to find ways to improve. 
Image of teacher and 4 yr old kid posing at end of guitar lesson.She wore her Good Music Academy T-Shirt and wanted a Picture!
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We are really lucky to have found him!

Wendy K. Mother and CPA

My son began taking lessons with Kale when he was only 5 years old and has continued with him now for 3 years! ...Kale has such a way about him that, even when he is correcting my son, he does it with respect and kindness. ...Kale has passed down his love of music and instruments to my son... I have recommended him to many friends and will continue to do so--we are really lucky to have found him!

Our son loves Kale and playing music

Shannon C. Mother and Therapist

Kale has been teaching our son Suzuki guitar for a year now, he began shortly after his third birthday. He is an excellent, patient and skilled teacher who really knows how to redirect an easily-distracted young learner. Our son loves Kale and playing music has had a great impact on him, we hope that this is the beginning of his life-long love for music.

Kale Meets His Students at Their Level.

Andrea Cannon Andrea Cannon Music (Houston, Texas) - Suzuki Guitar Clinician and Educator/Classical and Fingerstyle Guitarist

Kale relates to his students, meeting them at their level. From young toddlers thru college-age, he connects the activities and the music to fit their interests and learning style.

He assesses the needs and interests of his students, and formulates a teaching plan for them as individuals. In this way, they receive instruction that truly motivates them to learn.

I think students will feel that their teacher takes an interest in them and cares to see them progress. They will appreciate the energy he brings to his teaching and will benefit from that.

Kale's great with kids--he's engaging, patient, and thoughtful.

Ted W. Father and Environmental Consultant

My 11-year-old daughter has been taking guitar with Kale for about a year and a half now, and I've been very happy with our experience with him. Kale's great with kids--he's engaging, patient, and thoughtful. Every lesson, I can tell he's working to put himself in my daughter's shoes to understand what she's getting and what she's not. And Kale's not one of those teachers who's only interested in teaching technical skills. He helps my kid to think musically--playing interval-hearing games and such.

Would you like me to Teach Your Child to play Guitar?

I will work with you to make sure that your child gets all the the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development that learning guitar provides. Likewise, we'll work together through the excitement of the recitals and the frustrations of bad practice weeks. Above all, we will stick with Shin'ichi Suzuki's guiding principle; that developing beautiful character comes first and making beautiful music follows.

I know that music lessons are a commitment for your family, too. With that in mind, I offer a 45-day money back guarantee (details below).

If you want your child learning from a teacher who is highly trained and experienced as both a guitarist and a teacher, contact me and we'll find a time for your audition session. 

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