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You'll start off by learning some simple scales and melodies to develop finger strength and coordination and continue to develop this as you learn more. 


Once your fretboard fingers develop strength and coordination, you'll learn the most common chord progressions and strumming patterns.

Advanced Picking Patterns

You'll also learn advanced picking patterns that improve your pick accuracy while also making your chord progressions sound amazing.

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I’ve been teaching guitar to students ages 3-76 since 2006. I double-majored in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Theory at Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance. While at Temple, I performed in a masterclass for world-renowned guitarist David Leiser and presented my research paper on Franz Liszt at the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic’s annual conference.

After graduation, I continued my guitar studies with world-renowned lute and classical guitar teacher Patrick O’Brien and Rowan University Professor Kathleen MayesI’ve trained in the Suzuki Teaching Philosophy and Guitar Pedagogy under the guidance of Wan-Tsai Chen, David Madsen, Andrea Cannon, and Bill Kossler. I’ve also performed with the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Concert Ensemble.

My main hobbies are chess and gardening, although those have recently taken a backseat to raising my child. 


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Playing music poorly is hard. 

Over your lifetime of listening to music, you've developed musical instincts that help you know when music sounds good and when it sounds bad.

The problem is that most beginners and most teachers are so focused on developing the basic physical skills that they neglect the musical. The result: Guitarists who can physically execute music but don't feel like they're playing is good. 

I help students become excellent guitarists by focusing on musicality as early as possible. This focus aligns my student's physical abilities with their natural musical instincts, increasing their confidence and enjoyment.


Check what My Students saY

Rayce Rollins

Kale Good, the Guitarist, is classically trained and professional. He has the scholarship and the know-how to teach and explain things clearly and effectively. Kale Good, the person, is very genuine and good-spirited. He is patient and approachable. I've been taking guitar lessons for two months now, and I'm progressing quite notably. I'm learning and having fun too --Kale, the Guitarist and the Person, comes highly recommended.

Matthew Stein

I've know Kale for over ten years and I've always appreciated his interest in deeply exploring many different guitar methods and teaching skills. I know that he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to his students, and doesn't get complacent, but is always learning and adapting his approach to fit a given student's needs. As a fellow music teacher, this is inspiring to see.

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Kale is good natured and has a great sense of humor... studying with him would never feel too "heavy" or too much like another thing you "have to do". He has also worked extensively with different age groups and knows a wide range of material. I think any student should feel confident that they have a qualified teacher.

Chiemena Ukazim

Kale has a firm belief in making music fun. Even though he is fun-loving, he does NOT scrimp on musicality. Students will benefit from seeing Kale's excellent technique and being around his infectious personality.

Lou Filippone

Despite years of playing, I severely lacked the confidence and ability to play lead in either a band or friendly jam session setting. Within a month of taking Kale's Fretboard Freedom course, I jumped on the chance to play lead during a jam session with some rather accomplished friends and was given some nice compliments. Kale has been instrumental in helping me understand what was previously daunting and confusing, and he has also helped me clean up some bad habits. My playing, my practice habits, and my skill level have all been taken to the next level in a very short period of time.

Gerard Garrelts

I started taking lessons from Kale about a month ago as a beginning guitarist. My experience has been great so far. Kale is a really nice guy and is very patient. He is really good at breaking music down and teaching how to learn new things. I would recommend to anyone.

Andrea Cannon

Kale relates to his students, meeting them at their level. From young toddlers thru college-age, he connects the activities and the music to fit their interests and learning style.

He assesses the needs and interests of his students, and formulates a teaching plan for them as individuals. In this way, they receive instruction that truly motivates them to learn.

I think students will feel that their teacher takes an interest in them and cares to see them progress. They will appreciate the energy he brings to his teaching and will benefit from that.

Chris Curchin

I've taken lessons with Kale for a few years now. He's a terrific teacher. Challenging and patient. I started with an interest in expanding my 3 chord vocabulary for my job working with kids in a preschool setting. Over the course of a year or so I was able to expand my limited repertoire, improve my rhythm skills with different strum patterns and to figure out how to play new songs on my own.

Last year, with an interest in learning to read music and play for pleasure, I began studying classical guitar with Kale and have found it an interesting challenge. One thing I particularly appreciate has been Kale's willingness to work at whatever pace I'm able to go. Practice is everything of course and some months I'm able to work a lot and progress quickly and other times I have to go at a slower pace because I'm busy and preoccupied with other things and Kale has always been an encouraging and flexible teacher.

Laura Pozniak

After studying classical guitar throughout college I was concerned about finding a local instructor with a solid classical background, who could teach well beyond the basics.

With Kale, I was able to jump in comfortably where I had left off. He has an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, theory, and the genre, surpassed only by his knack for teaching it.

He truly understands the nuances and techniques of great playing, and is able to hone in on areas of improvement that I wouldn't pick up on otherwise. He takes the time to find music and exercises that are enjoyable and challenging - at the appropriate level for each student. On top of all this, Kale is relatable, patient, encouraging, and a blast to work with; I look forward to his lessons each week. He couldn't come with a higher recommendation!

Stephan Way

I've been taking lessons from Kale for about ten months, and it's been pretty awesome! Kale has a great sense of humor, is very personable, and is a really good teacher. He's very perceptive during lessons, and quickly spots mistakes I'm making, and helps me make corrections. He also gives me really good advice about practicing, and teaches me little tricks so that I am making the most out of my practice time. And on the administrative side, everything seems to run smoothly; he's very professional, and always replies when I reach out to him with questions and whatnot. All this stuff adds up to Kale being a great teacher!

Brianna Roberts

I decided to try out guitar lessons because I've always envied the fun my brother and uncle have playing guitar. Also, with a little one on the way any day now, I think it's important for kids to grow up with, and around, music. Even though I had played other instruments fairly proficiently in the past, I knew that with something like the guitar, I could save myself a lot of frustration, bad habits, and time by getting lessons from a professional. And that's where Kale comes in! I've enjoyed and learned from each lesson from day one. I like the pacing and combination of music theory, technical lessons, and the opportunities to play along. My confidence and ability, even though still quite nascent, are far beyond what I could have accomplished on my own by watching YouTube videos or that kind of thing. When my husband hears me practice, which he admits to enjoy, he's impressed that he can recognize songs or notice improvement in such a short time. I'm very appreciative of Kale and the careful attention he has applied to my playing and lessons.

Allen Krantz

(via personal email) I just wanted to say that I auditioned your student ***** yesterday at Temple. She was very well prepared and had obviously been taught well so credit to you for your good teaching.


I've been playing guitar for 1 year with Kale.

He is knowledgeable on the subject of classical guitar The instructor uses a multitude of teaching tactics to help the learners The lessons do not cause stress to the learner

Playing an instrument can build your confidence and give you goals to strive for which is healthy for people to have.

I would 100% recommend. Kale is a great teacher. I've been playing classical for 1 year and it has been fun, and stress-free, and brings value to my life

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