The 9 Best Guitar Repair Shops in Philadelphia 

 January 29, 2024

By  Kale Good

Your guitar is broken (or needs setup work) and you need to find someone you can trust to repair your guitar (without making the situation worse).

Fortunately, there's a plethora of guitar repair shops and luthiers in Philadelphia. Here's a list of the most-recommended guitar repair shops in Philly. This list is compiled from numerous posts asking for the best local luthiers over at reddit.com/r/philadelphia.

Picking a Guitar Repair Shop

For minor maintenance work, just about any shop will do. For major guitar repairs, I personally prefer to use a luthier who makes their primary income from guitar repairs and runs their own repair shop. The longer they've been in the business, the better. There are, however, a number of fine luthiers in Philly who also run and/or work with a shop that sells guitars.

Side Note: Luthier vs Guitar Tech.

Technically speaking, a luthier is an instrument builder (specifically, a builder of instruments with a neck and a soundbox, like the guitar, violin, and cello). It is a french word dating back to the days of lute builders (lutes being the predecessor to the guitar).

A Guitar Technician is someone who exclusively repairs instruments.

While building instruments and repairing them have much overlap, there are skills that are individual to each trade.

However, I find that most guitarists don't distinguish between luthiers and guitar techs when finding someone to repair their guitar.

Where Can You find the Best Classical Guitar Lessons?

You're in the right place. For more information about the best classical guitar lessons online and in the Philadelphia area, read this page

Select Testimonials

Tim Ambrogi

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much our lessons have meant to me. Learning to play this instrument has given me an extremely fulfilling new way to express myself musically, reawakening a part of myself that had lay dormant for the better part of a decade...

Kenny Voshell

I stepped into Kale's studio having no idea if I would do more than 1 lesson, but I walked out not wanting to wait another week before my next one. Kale has a unique combination technical expertise, passion for guitar, and a genuine desire to help his students succeed that makes him an amazing guitar teacher.

Complete testimonials here.

Within Philadelphia City Limits

Port Richmond Guitar Spa


Braxton & Hyde Guitars (South Philly)


1901 S. 9th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Classical Guitar Store

Classical and Acoustic Guitars only.


(215) 567-2972

2038 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Russo Music


(215) 232-1234

1004 Spring Garden St.

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Bluebond Guitars (Center City)


(215) 829-1690

1524 Sansom St

Philadelphia, PA 19102

DiPintos (Fishtown)


(215) 427-7805

407 E Girard Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Roxy Guitar (Rockborough)

Permanantly Closed

Common Beat Music (West Philly)

Also repairs solid-state and tube amps.


(215) 726-8742

4916 Baltimore Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19143

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Greater Philadelphia Area

Ruggerio Guitar Workshop (Morrisville/Yardley)


2114 Stackhouse Drive
Yardley, PA 19067

Martin & Co Authorized Service Center
40 yrs experience, acoustic and electric.

Danny's Guitar Shop (Narberth)


(610) 668-3345

102 Forrest Ave, Narberth, PA 19072

Kale Good

Educator and Founder of Good Music Academy.

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