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Guitar Lessons for Children and Adults from a Dedicated and Professional Teacher. 

Dedicated to the Art of Teaching

When you take lessons with me, you are confident that your child is getting great guitar lessons. Your child will be learning from me, a Suzuki-trained teacher who provides the same quality instruction that Suzuki-trained teachers have been giving all around the world since the 1930s. And let's not forget my expertise on the instrument, my deep knowledge of music, and a career committed to teaching music. With degrees in both classical guitar performance and music theory as well as a 15 year-long career teaching music, you can rest assured that your child is learning from an accomplished musician, devoted pedagogue, and committed professional who is backed by the worldwide community of Suzuki music teachers. 

Child and teacher Kale in her Guitar Lesson

Kid's Guitar Lessons: Ages 3+

You want guitar lessons for your child that:

  • Improve their academic, social, and emotional skills. 
  • Are backed by 80+ years of teaching expertise. 
  • Are FUN for your child!
Kale Good, a Philadelphia-based guitarist, performs at a wedding reception.

Adult Classical Guitar Lessons

You dream about playing guitar someday. To get there, you'll need:

  • A clear plan and a solid practice strategy
  • Technical guidance backed by a solid understanding of best-practices
  • Guidance in the ethereal art of Musical expression

Feedback on My Guitar Lessons:

My favorite thing... is to see Kale meet our son where he is at each time

James K. Father and Professor

If you’re interested in learning guitar, we highly recommend Kale! …we loved it and made the commitment, and haven’t regretted it for a second.

I believe the most important thing is having a connection with a great teacher… Kale has an amazing ability to connect with students of any age, and it has been amazing for us to see our young son develop a respect for his teacher and an enjoyment of making progress through practice. His relationship with Kale is… a rich enhancement of his overall view of the world and himself.

My favorite thing about our lessons is to see Kale meet our son where he is at each time and then find a way to learn more about himself at the same time as learning more about music — quite a feat given that it can be hard to get a four-year-old to do much of anything if they’re not in the right mood.

He has an outstanding knowledge… surpassed only by his knack for teaching it

Laura Pozniak Classical Guitar Student

After studying classical guitar throughout college I was concerned about finding a local instructor with a solid classical background, who could teach well beyond the basics.

With Kale, I was able to jump in comfortably where I had left off. He has an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, theory, and the genre, surpassed only by his knack for teaching it.

He truly understands the nuances and techniques of great playing, and is able to hone in on areas of improvement that I wouldn't pick up on otherwise. He takes the time to find music and exercises that are enjoyable and challenging - at the appropriate level for each student. On top of all this, Kale is relatable, patient, encouraging, and a blast to work with; I look forward to his lessons each week. He couldn't come with a higher recommendation!

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Matthew Stein Professional bassist (The Belleville Quartet, Sod House) , Suzuki bass teacher

I've know Kale for over ten years and I've always appreciated his interest in deeply exploring many different guitar methods and teaching skills. I know that he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to his students, and doesn't get complacent, but is always learning and adapting his approach to fit a given student's needs. As a fellow music teacher, this is inspiring to see.

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Kale is good natured and has a great sense of humor... studying with him would never feel too "heavy" or too much like another thing you "have to do". He has also worked extensively with different age groups and knows a wide range of material. I think any student should feel confident that they have a qualified teacher.

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