Portrait of Kale Good, holding guitar

About Kale Good

Classical Guitarist and Teacher in Philadelphia

I've been teaching guitar to students ages 3-76 in the Philadelphia area since 2006. I have two bachelors degrees in Music from Temple University; one in Classical Guitar Performance, the other in Music Theory. I've presented at a regional Music Theory conference and performed at 2am on the side of a 14,000ft montain for a 24-hour mountain biking endurance race. I've hitchhiked from Colorado to Philly in 2 days, sailed the high seas on a German Tall ship, and did a frame-off restoration of a 1980's Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I've sung in Carriage Hall, The Kimmel Center, and inside a 2-million gallon oil-tank. I also play chess when my parenting duties allow it. 

As a professional teacher, I'm always learning. A lot of this is from my students. I've also continued to take guitar lessons; most notably with  Kathleen Mayes of Rowan University and world-renowned lute and classical guitar teacher Patrick O’Brien, of Julliard University.

I'm continually striving to be a better teacher, too. I've taken teacher trainings for Suzuki Guitar Instructions from David Madsen, Andrea Cannon, and Bill Kossler, Suzuki Early-Childhood Music Education from Wan-Tsai Chen, Music Mind Games (Music Theory for kids) from Michiko Yurko, and Creative Ability Development (Improvisation for kids) from Alice Kanack.

I bring the totality of my life experiences and training to my lessons. to my lessons. I use them to enrich the worldview of my students, helping them to make connections and apply the skills we learn to situations and experiences outside of the classroom.