Classical Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia

Creating Better Musicians Through Intentional Teaching

Student Charles Rareshide at the 2015 Winter Recital

Thanks for stopping by in your search for classical guitar lessons. As a Philadelphia-based teacher, I'm focused on giving you functional, clear, and precise information about how you can improve. Whether it's musical, technical, or anatomical knowledge, you'll get a clear understanding of what you need to do to reach the next level.

Creating Confidence and Real Understanding

When we work together, we'll develop your skills and your confidence by creating a virtuous cycle of learning. To do this, we will asses where you are as a player. Then, we'll create a customized set of pieces and studies for you. This customized plan will be progressive; each piece will build on the previous one. And each step will have challenges that get incrementally more difficult.

Each challenge will be within your ability. Accomplishing each task will boost your confidence. As we build on your newly-acquired skills and increased confidence, you'll feel more comfortable, confident, and at home on the instrument

The Virtuous Cycle of Learning Guitar

Your Ability
Skills Needed

Your skills will match the musical task. 

100 %
Confidence Levels

You'll have confidence that you're playing appropriately.

0 Self-Doubt

Building on Success, doubts about your ability will diminish. 

We'll do this by using sound pedagogical principles. For example, I'll use the principles of contrast of references, muscular opposition, and verification by experimentation.  These methods go beyond simply talking and showing. They are essential to accurate and precise communication between student and teacher. I'll teach you how to use these methods at home, so that you can get the most out of your practice session. I'll also show you how to use the latest research in learning, memorization, and intentional practice methods.

As a result, you'll learn more, better, and faster, both in the lesson and at home. 

What My Students Are Saying:

After years of guitar lessons, I have found a teacher that will guide me to my fullest potential on the guitar.

After years of guitar lessons, I have found a teacher that will guide me to my fullest potential on the guitar. In my other lessons I always felt that there was no long-term plan for what I was going to learn. There was no system, just "Bring in a song you want to learn". The songs I wanted to learn were WAY too hard for a beginner to learn. I would struggle to learn the song; sometimes I would get it but more often I would not. Frustration would follow and the guitar would sit un-played for days.

Now, I know where we are headed. The songs that I learn are challenging but not so far over my head that I put down the guitar. The lessons build on the skill that you have learned. Kale makes you feel comfortable from the first lesson. He watches you play and then gives immediate feed back on how you can improve. It is all-positive. My playing has improved so much in three months it is incredible.

Matt Aigen

He has an outstanding knowledge… surpassed only by his knack for teaching it

After studying classical guitar throughout college I was concerned about finding a local instructor with a solid classical background, who could teach well beyond the basics.

With Kale, I was able to jump in comfortably where I had left off. He has an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, theory, and the genre, surpassed only by his knack for teaching it.

He truly understands the nuances and techniques of great playing, and is able to hone in on areas of improvement that I wouldn't pick up on otherwise. He takes the time to find music and exercises that are enjoyable and challenging - at the appropriate level for each student. On top of all this, Kale is relatable, patient, encouraging, and a blast to work with; I look forward to his lessons each week. He couldn't come with a higher recommendation!

Laura Pozniak , Classical Guitar Student

He has displayed acute understanding and patience...

I have been a student of Kale for four years. I am 75 years of age and started with Kale without any musical experience. He has displayed acute understanding and patience which has helped with my progression. I am very satisfied with my progress, and committed to constant improvement.

Tom Anderson

Student Laura Pozniak in the teaching studio

About Me

I have hitch-hiked from Colorado to Philly in 2 days, performed on a 14,000 ft. mountain at 2:00 am for a 24-hour mountain bike race, and sailed on a German tall-ship in the North Sea for a week directing young "campers" on basic sailing skills with my very poor German and complete lack of sailing knowledge. 

One of my main hobbies is chess; I also am enjoying planning and planting our first community garden plot with my wife.

To get back to the point: I've been teaching music to students ages 3-76 in the Philadelphia area since 2006. I have got two bachelors degrees in Music from Temple University; one in Classical Guitar Performance, the other in Music Theory. At the 2010 Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic's annual conference, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting my research. Of course, my paper had a title so typical of humanities research papers: "The Consequences of Cadential Failure and Virtuosic Rhetoric in Liszt’s B-Minor Sonata". After graduation, I continued my guitar studies with world-renowned lute and classical guitar teacher Patrick O'Brien.

What Professional Musicians Say About Me:

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Matthew Stein Professional bassist (The Belleville Quartet, Sod House) , Suzuki bass teacher

I've know Kale for over ten years and I've always appreciated his interest in deeply exploring many different guitar methods and teaching skills. I know that he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to his students, and doesn't get complacent, but is always learning and adapting his approach to fit a given student's needs. As a fellow music teacher, this is inspiring to see.

For sure. Kale knows his stuff.

Kale is good natured and has a great sense of humor... studying with him would never feel too "heavy" or too much like another thing you "have to do". He has also worked extensively with different age groups and knows a wide range of material. I think any student should feel confident that they have a qualified teacher.

He is fun-loving... he does NOT scrimp on musicality

Chiemena Ukazim Professional Guitarist (Dismal, Movies with Heroes, Marc Neibauer) Teacher.

Kale has a firm belief in making music fun. Even though he is fun-loving, he does NOT scrimp on musicality. Students will benefit from seeing Kale's excellent technique and being around his infectious personality.

Do You Want Me To Teach You To Play Guitar?

We will together as you progress towards mastery of the classical guitar. You will develop a natural ability and confidence. You'll integrate new skills with ease using research-proven methods. Of course, some things are harder than others, but we will work through the challenges together. Above all, we'll discover how you, as a unique individual, play guitar

I know that music lessons are a commitment for you, too. With that in mind, I offer a 45-day money back guarantee ​(details below). 

If you want to learn from a teacher  who is committed to improving both his own playing and his skills as a teacher, contact me today!