Music Theory

Levels PR. 5-6

Lesson 6 Chapter 1 Module 2

This lesson introduces the notes A, D, and A440. After this lesson, you know all the As and Ds in Open Position!

Where to Play On The Guitar

Note Name and Audio

Note on Staff

Fretboard diagram of the note A3 on the guitar.

A is played on the second fret, third string. 


The note A on the treble clef.

A is in a space. It is on the second space from the bottom of the staff.

A fretboard diagram of the note D4 on the guitar.

D is played on the third fret, second string. It is one of the first notes you learned to play.


The note D on the treble clef.

D is on a line. It is the second line from the top of the staff.

Fretboard Diagramo showing A4 on the guitar.

A440 is played on the fifth fret, first string. It is the highest note of the A major scale. 


The note A4 on the treble clef.

The note A4 is above the staff. It has one ledger line. It sits on the line.

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