The Folder of Awesomeness 

 November 19, 2017

By  Kale Good

The solution for the "What was I supposed to practice?" blues. 

This article is one part of my Ultimate Parent's Guide to Kid's Guitar Lessons.

Remembering all the new material and teaching points that are covered in a single session can be a challenge. Add to that the importance and amount of material to review, and, before long, the task becomes a burden. 

Enter The Folder Of Awesomeness! This folder is built off the ideas and experience of highly-respected Suzuki Guitar teacher William Kossler (who borrowed ideas from other teachers to develop it). It simplifies and categorizes the process in a way that makes it easy to manage even the largest of repertoires. 

New Material
Vocab & Notation

How does the Folder of Awesomeness accomplish all this, you ask? It's a system which contains all of the ingredients for success:

  • A Fast-and-Easy way to access current material and teaching points. 
  • An (almost) fail-safe practice and listening plan
  • Flashcards for faster vocab and skill development 
  • A highly-effective review system

Now, that may sound like an awful lot of material in one folder. And it is. It's almost like we need one more thing to really make this folder work. 

Tabs are the solution. Everything that needs to be handled in the practice session has a tab on it. To make sure that you hit all the new material, teaching points, vocab, and review material every practice session, you only have to remember one phrase to achieve a complete practice session: 

Turn the Tabs!

Complete Practice Session

For the complete run-down of the Folder of Awesomeness, watch the video!

Of course, as your child progresses through lessons, a complete practice session will cover more and more material. You'll also want to be sure that you're spending enough time practicing to get results. Make sure you're using games and good communication to help your child have a fun and positive learning experience. 

Kale Good

Educator and Founder of Good Music Academy.

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